Special Situations

In the event of a public emergency, including safety threat, the situation will be assessed by administrative personnel and appropriate measures taken, which may include movement to a safe area, a lock down, or an evacuation.

There will be no external communication, i.e., outside the campus. While personal cell phones may be needed for internal communication, all external contacts must be through the Head of School, the Camp Director, or their designee. Information and instructions will be disseminated through the established chain of administration, beginning with the Head of School or the Camp Director. Every effort will be made to maintain calm order and avoid speculation and overreaction. Parents will be notified according to phone numbers listed on the registration form, through email, and/or through updates on our Facebook page.

Parents are not to come to camp unless so instructed. We are prepared to hold campers until the situation is determined to be safe for pick-up.

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