Health Center & Policies

High Meadows employs qualified medical professionals to tend to the health care needs of campers and staff on site during the camp day. Our professional Health Center staff addresses issues to the best of their abilities. Some situations require that a camper be sent home, such as:
  • Fever above 100.3 (or above 99.4 with symptoms)
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Communicable diseases
  • and certain injuries at the discretion of the Health Center staff.
Health Center staff will attempt to notify parents immediately of issues they deem to be major medical concerns. In extreme medical emergencies, the Camp Nurse or designee will call 911. For non-life threatening issues, we prefer that parents transport their children to a physician’s office or hospital for further medical attention. We generally do not call parents regarding minor issues which are easily taken care of and do not significantly affect the camper’s day, such as cuts, scrapes, bruises, and insect bites. Campers visiting the Health Center will be given a note to take home describing the issue and treatment provided.


In the absence of the nurse, or for offsite trips, a staff person who is currently certified by a nationally recognized provider of training in standard first aid and CPR is designated as the first aid provider.


Complete health forms are required for all campers participating in our programs as they are vital in making our program safe. We expect that all information is up to date and that any changes or additions are reported to the Health Center in a timely manner. We cannot permit campers without completed health forms to participate in our program. Unit Leaders, Counselors, and Specialists are made aware of relevant health and behavior issues prior to camper arrival. All medical information is kept secure and used judiciously to provide the best experience possible for our campers in a safe, responsible environment.


High Meadows follows the standards and recommendations of the American Camp Association.


Medications are strictly monitored, and access to them is restricted to key personnel. If your child has any medications that must be administered at camp, they must be in their original container and box, and brought to the Health Center by the parent/guardian/bus counselor with a completed Authorization for Medication form (on our website). Prescription medication must have a prescription label stating the correct physician issued instructions. Herbal and homeopathic medicine and essential oils require a physician’s order. Please make sure the medication will not expire before the camp session ends.


Campers who have emergency medications (epinephrine, rescue inhalers, diazepam, and diabetic medications and supplies) must have physician and parental authorization to carry these emergency medications with them on campus. An emergency action plan form (completed by your child’s physician within past 12 months) must accompany the emergency medication (forms are available on our website). Campers with chronic health conditions should be able to monitor and manage their own care. We appreciate your cooperation.


Over the counter medications (OTC) are stocked in the Health Center. A list of these are displayed on the Health Form, and require your electronic consent to have them administered at camp, if needed.


High Meadows follows Universal Precaution procedures in accordance with CDC guidelines for the handling of human blood and body fluids. Education and adherence to procedure are intended to prevent the spread of blood-borne pathogens by treating all human blood and specified body fluids as potentially infective.


Staying hydrated is very important at camp. We take advantage of every opportunity to encourage campers to drink water and electrolyte drinks. Water fountains and juice jugs are located all around campus.


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