High Meadows Camp KnighthoodThe Knighthood Program allows Senior campers the opportunity to challenge themselves individually as they develop skills in activities of their choice. “Requirements”, as we call them, are set in place as guidelines for marking improvement and attainment of skills, techniques, and talents. In each camp activity, campers can progressively achieve levels of Page, Squire, Sentry and Knight.

A ceremony is held at the end of each session during which Campers are honored for their achievements with t-shirt and recognition by each of the activity leaders.

In addition, a camper can become an overall Page when he/she meets the requirements of Page in at least three activities.

The next overall level, Squire, is the accumulation of Squire in at least four activities. This level typically entails more difficult and numerous requirements and is a great achievement.

Sentry follows Squire and now requirements become quite challenging. An overall Sentry requires achieving that level in at least five activities. This level demands commitment and hard work.

The last and final level, that of Knight, is an achievement that few have reached in the history of High Meadows Camp, typically, only one or two per summer. This level requires seven activities with Knight accomplishments. These requirements are often very difficult, even unattainable by some. When this level is achieved, recognition is given at the award ceremony as well, but with a special addition: Following a reading of the Arthurian legend, a camper who has achieved the overall level of knight is given the opportunity to pull the sword Excalibur from stones in the center of Stonehenge and his/her name is added to a permanent sign hanging at Stonehenge.

High Meadows Summer Day Camp Knights

2018 - Jake Lairson, Thomas Rhodes

2015 - Jack Rhodes, Diana Frank, Sabrina Hoffner, Tessa Paul

2013 - Carolyn Barker, Erica Radermacher

2011 - William Lee

2010 - Samantha Mittelstadt

2008 - Amanda Lane

2007 - Jake Lane, Allison Levy, Paul Maxwell, Jess Miller, Dan Staub, Kimmie Zlatunich

2006 - Jeffrey Pickens

2005 - Marli Goro

2004 - Peyton Lee, Warren Lee, Brandon Lane, Kyle Takeuchi

2002 - Daniel Breit, Will Hamby

2001 - Tyler Buran, Andrew Guarnieri

2000 - Sarah Lovatt, Sam Arnold, Lindsey Pickens

1999 - Josh Briggs, Chris Carey, Alice Fazlollah

1998 - Samantha Rosen, Daniel Buran, Steven Solomon

1997 - Michelle Warnock, Daniel Guarnieri

1996 - Anne Lovatt, Craig Coyne

1995 - Justine Hair, Henry Warnock

1994 - Trip Coyne

1993 - Sara Zuk, Brett Burruss, Kristean Paerels, Richard Myrick

1992 - Nikolas Fields, Chris Rogers, Judith Paerels, Courtney Sorge

1991 - Jessie Kirschner, Dana Greenhood

1990 - Court Johnson, Perry Sheffield, Julie Calloway, Joe Fish, Amanda Heil, Wayne Coppins, Jay Fields

1989 - Maggie Bickes, Adam Lissa, Cindy Bastianello

1988 - Kathryn Jones, Laura Bastianello, Jason Heil

1987 - Dani Kirschner

1986 - Katie Wright, Scott Abrams, Allen Raphael

1985 - Ward Jones, David Wuichet, Marc Murphy, Joe Akers, Colin Edelstein

1984 - Matt Edelstein, Eric Mindel

1983 - Barry Jaspan

1982 - Katherine Pebworth

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