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High Meadows recognizes the value of a camp experience for all children, and the importance of diversity, respect, and interaction with persons of different abilities. We will do our best to accommodate all campers within the framework of our program and the capacity of our staff. We strive to place campers with special needs in their appropriate group by age rather than ability level, as positive social interactions with peers in one thing we seek and value. We are unable to provide technically specialized or dedicated one-to-one care for campers.

Maintaining cofidentiality and safeguarding dignity are vital in a respectful community. Information about special needs is shared with staff memebers and campers as appropriate to age and situation. Campers are encouraged to ask questions and to be welcoming of the opportunity to share camp, and all are encouraged to be kind, accommodating, and encouraging.

Parents of potential campers with special needs should contact Camp prior to registration in order for us to help determine the suitability of our program and the opportunities that may exist for an enriching, safe, and mutually beneficial camp experience.


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